Conroy Motor Corporation was founded by Edward J. Conroy in 1880. At that time it went by the name of E. J. Conroy Co. and dealt in produce and hard coal. They began selling Mobil gas in 1908 and went on to become a distributor in 1934. In 1911 the company began operations as a Ford Dealer. It was only 8 years after the Ford Motor Company had been founded and only three years after the development of the Model T.

In 1926, the business incorporated under the current name of Conroy Motor Corporation. E. J. Conroy passed away in 1937 and Frank Conroy Sr. was elected President of the company in 1939. After Frank Sr. passed away in the mid 1970’s, his eldest son Frank Jr. took over as President until his passing. Edward Conroy followed Frank Jr. as President until his passing in 2014. Currently, Michael Conroy (Edward’s son) is the President, Robert Conroy is Vice President, and Timothy Conroy (Frank Jr’s youngest son) is the Service Manager.

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Conroy Motors is the oldest Ford Dealer in New York State. During its many years of operations, the dealership has been awarded many times for outstanding sales and services to its customers. They are three time recipients of the President’s Award, Ford' s highest award for customer satisfaction. In 1986 and again in 1990, Conroy Motor Corporation was given the Quality Care Award by Ford Motor Company. Also in 1986, Robert Conroy received the Gold Medallion Award for parts sales and overall parts management.